Utilities & Tools

To access one of the utilities, click the Start button. A menu will appear with shortcuts to utilities and groups of utilities under Applications section. Some of the utilities have icons on the task bar and shortcuts on the desktop.

File Managers

Dolphin File Manager — displays, copies/moves and manages files/folders on local disks as well as network attached drives.

Dolphin File Manager

Krusader File Manager — is a two panel file manager with many advanced features.

Krusader File Manager

Super User (Root mode) — shortcuts for Dolphin & Krusader file managers are available in menus. As long as Active@ LiveCD is a utility toolset and has no security, root user (super user) has no password.


QupZilla web browser (WebKit-based) enables internet exploring, reading RSS, downloading archives and packages, inspecting web pages, managing cookies and so on…

QupZilla web browser

Sylpheed — is a simple, lightweight and easy-to-use e-mail client, being able to send and receive e-mails. Sylpheed provides intuitive user-interface and advanced features, like powerful filtering, search and junk mail control. Sylpheed supports POP3, IMAP4, Gmail, SMTP and other mail protocols.

Sylpheed simple e-mail client

Remote Access

Remmina Remote Desktop Client allows you to connect to and manage remote hosts using different protocols (RDP, SFTP, SSH, VNC).

Remote Access

Graphics & Multimedia

Gwenview KDE Image Viewer is able to preview and edit almost all picture formats (JPG, PNG, XPM, GIF, TIFF, …)

Gwenview KDE Image Viewer

K3b Disk Burning utility is here to rip, edit and burn CD/DVD ISO images, Data and Audio discs.

K3b Disk Burning

KMix Sound Mixer manages Playback devices, Capture devices, Playback streams, Capture streams, Master channel, and so on.

KMix Sound Mixer

Office & Editors

Okular Document Viewer – previews almost all document types (PDF, PostScript, EPS, DjVu, FB2, eBook, CHM, TeX DVI, WWF, Pluker, …).

Okular Document Viewer

Kate Advanced Text Editor previews and edits text files stored in any code pages, in many text formats (txt, script, perl, html, xml,…), applying different coloring schemas.

Kate Advanced Text Editor

Kompare Diff/Patch Frontend helps to compare any files (text and binary) and folders bit-by-bit to find out any differences.

Kompare Diff/Patch Frontend

Security Tools

ClamTk Virus Scanner — downloads the latest virus database, scans your local disks for viruses and sends infected files to quarantine, if needed.

ClamTk Virus Scanner

TrueCrypt (RealCrypt) secure tool that creates, attaches and manages encrypted volumes stored in files, or encrypts whole partitions.

TrueCrypt (RealCrypt)

Support utilities

Ark Archiving tool to create or de-compress TAR, RAR, ZIP, Bzip, CAB, 7z, TAR, GZ, GZip archives, RPM & Debian packages.

Ark Archiving tool

KCalc Scientific Calculator — helps in performing basic calculations. Science Mode, Statistic Mode & Numeral System Modes (Hex, Dec, Oct, Bin) are also available.

KCalc Scientific Calculator

KSnapshot Screen Capture Program can be activated with a [PrntScrn] key and can save your current display content into an image file.

KSnapshot Screen Capture Program

KinfoCenter Info Center displays Operating System Summary, Memory, Hardware, Drivers & Network information

KinfoCenter Info Center

GSmartControl - Hard disk drive and SSD health inspection tool for querying and controlling SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) data on modern hard disk and solid-state drives. It allows you to inspect the drive's SMART data to determine its health, as well as run various tests on it.

GSmartControl Disk SMART Monitor

Klipper Clipboard taskbar applet manages clipboard, its content and history.

Klipper Clipboard tool

Virtual Keyboard taskbar applet allows to type commands and texts with a mouse or on touch-screen

Virtual Keyboard tool

Networking Interface taskbar applet configures & displays current Network Status: type, IP address, gateway, traffic,...

Network Interface Configuration

Available Devices taskbar applet lists all attached removable devices, Storage Volumes and Optical Discs

Available Devices List

System Tools

KNetAttach Network Folder Wizard — connects network folders via webadv, FTP, ssh, and Microsoft Windows Network Drive protocols.

KNetAttach Network Folder Wizard

GParted Partition Editor displays, creates and edits local disks and partitions.

GParted Partition Editor

YaST2 Expert Partitioner — advanced disk management tool. Supports different types of disks, RAIDs management, Network mappings, Volume management and much more.

YaST2 Expert Partitioner

Apper Software Manager allows you to download and install additional RPM packages from OpenSUSE repositories on the web. It can update and remove software packages from the system as well.

Apper Software Manager

Note! If you launched Active@ LiveCD from a bootable USB disk, all downloaded and installed software packages will be stored on USB locally and will be available when you launch Active@ LiveCD the next time.

KSysGuard System Monitor displays and manages all local processes and displays the System Load (CPU History, Memory & Swap History, Network History).

KSysGuard System Monitor

Konsole Terminal, Super User Mode Terminal and XTerm — command line tools, enabling you to work with the operating system from the console.


Telnet is a simple remote console interface (terminal) connecting to the remote host on the specific TCP port.

elnet is a simple remote console interface

Data Recovery

Data Utility

Data Security

Data Backup

CD/DVD Tools