Active@ LiveCD Overview

Active@ LiveCD — Environment Customization

Booting PC from a CD/DVD or USB Disk

This video shows how to reconfigure the BIOS boot order to start from a CD/DVD or USB disk.

Active@ Partition Recovery Video

Active@ Partition Recovery is a compact and easy to use recovery software that can:

  • Recover deleted partitions FAT-NTFS-HFS+-Ext2-3fs
  • Restore deleted FAT-NTFS-HFS-ExtFs Logical Drives
  • Scan hard drives - to detect deleted partitions only
  • SuperScan - detect formatted or damaged partitions
  • Create Drive Image - for backup recovery purposes
  • Preview files and folders on deleted partition or drive
  • Rollback, Backup and Restore disk partitioning info
  • Fix damaged Master Boot Record and Partition Table
  • Fix damaged Volume and Partition Boot Sectors
  • Backup MBR, Restore MBR, partition table, volume boot sectors from previously created backups

Active@ UNDELETE Video

This tutorial will guide you through how to recover deleted files from disk volume (logical drive) with Active@ UNDELETE.

Active@ Password Changer Video

This video shows how to change a forgotten administrator password and gain access to the Windows operating system.

Active@ Disk Editor Video

This tutorial video eplains major features of Active@ Disk Editor.

Active@ KillDisk video overview

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Data Utility

Data Security

Data Backup

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