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Is the Apple HFS+ file system really accessible for Read-Write? My volume shows status Read-Only.

Yes, Apple HFS+ volumes could be accessible with File Managers and other utilities under Active@ LiveCD for read-write access.

Volumes can be formated to HFS+ in two different modes: HFS Extended & HFS Extended (Journaled). Active@ LiveCD supports Read-Write access only to HFS Extended (not Journaled) volumes.

Journaling for HFS+ volumes can be enabled\disabled on MacOS X systems, in Disk Utility this way: to the left of the screen, select the disk partition (not the drive) you want to disable. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard, and mouse click the File option on the top bar. The File Menu list will drop down. The Disable Journaling option will now be available. Click on Disable Journaling.

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