Is Network connectivity available when I boot from Active@ LiveCD?

Yes, network is initialized by default when you boot Active@ LiveCD.

You can also turn off the Network, or configure a particular IP Address and Firewall state in Boot Disk Creator.

You can Add, Edit and Remove Wired, Wireless, Mobile, VPN & DSL connections after boot up in Configure Desktop panel:

Active@ LiveCD

Active@ LiveCD contains wide range of network drivers for Wired and Wireless (Wi-Fi) connections. It supports all popular network cards.

To work with a network you can use a lot of network tools:

  • Web browser
  • Remote Desktop Client
  • Network Folder Wizard
  • Apper Software Manager
  • File Managers
  • Telnet, Konsole, etc..

In other words, any type of Windows-style network communication is available.

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