Downloading and Creating Active@ LiveCD

You must perform these operations on a separate computer that has a healthy hard drive and access to the Internet.

To download Active@ LiveCD:

1   On the Internet, navigate to

2   To download full-featured professional version of Active@ LiveCD, click the Order link and follow the procedure for paying

3   To download the freeware version, select the desired host platform (Windows or Linux) and click the DOWNLOAD link

4   You can save the file to a folder on your machine or you can run the file directly from the Internet folder

On Windows platform:

  • a) Run downloaded ActiveLiveCD.EXE
  • b) The install wizard will lead you through the pages to agree to the terms of the license and determine the destination folder
  • c) After Active@ LiveCD has been successfully installed, select the Run Active@ Boot Disk Creator check box and click Finish

On Linux platform:

  • a) Extract all of the files from downloaded ActiveLiveCD.TAR.gz
  • b) Run BootDiskCreator script (contained within bin folder)

    Boot Disk Creator in Active@ LiveCD
  • c) If authentication is required to access the CD/DVD/USB media, type password for the Super User (root)

Continue with the next section to configure boot options and create a media.

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